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Seamlessly share facilities in your community.

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Facilities Sharing

Allow your residents to seamlessly share facilities.

Our online application enables seamless sharing, residents can book Facilities right from their mobile phones.

Add ons

We support configurable add ons to help with charging and organisation of additional services. (e.g. Cleaning)


Define schedules to allow your amenities to only be booked during certain times and days.

Minimum notice

Define the minimum number of work hours notice required to make a booking.

Payments made easy

Stop chasing up overdue payments with our integrated billing.

Our booking system offers a convient, easy and secure way to charge for facilities access.

Usage fees

Charge residents for each booking.

Add on fees

Charge residents for different convience options.

Take deposits Coming Soon

Our system allows you authorise a residents payment method to take deposits without hassle.

Secure storage

We securely store card details to make future bookings quick and easy.

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Streamlined facilities management

Accept/Deny bookings in a single click.

Our management interface makes handling bookings an effortless experience.

Create reservations

Create reservations for facilities, residents can quickly and easily convert to a booking.

Block out

Block out times to allow for maintenance.

Staff only

Restrict facilities so that only staff can create bookings.

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